Creative Processes – Contemporary Fine Art Practice – UAL – Central Saint Martins – London 2018

During July 2018 I’ve participated in the Contemporary Fine Art Practice class at Central Saint Martins in London.

Three intensive weeks in an interdisciplinary course of fine arts that values an experimental approach to the creation and development of each project.

Below are some of the creative processes developed during the course.

Projected Reality.

Slide 35mm, of unknown authorship, projected on a wooden board resting on the corner of the wall.

The breaking of the image and its intersection with the texture of the wood, distances the observer from the relation of identification with the landscape and the concept of reality.

The wood shafts accompany the shape of the mountain and the valley redrawing a new reality, in addition, the yellowish tone of the wood changes the cold tone of the photograph.

The same 35mm slide was filmed in front of a white computer screen. The video addresses the concept of fragmentation and abstraction, as well as creating the idea of motion to a static image.

Deconstructed Nature. What is real?

Video installation.
Photography print divided into 3 wooden panels.
Photography print with cotton lines interventions.

Address the concept of disconnection of the modern man from nature.

Pink Oppression.

Addressing female oppression in today’s society.

Embroidery in photographic print.

Projection of poetry through a 35mm projector.

Embroidery hoop on photographic print.


Concept developed from a surprise object, a belt in pink, for the final exhibition of the class.