I’m living in Lisbon for a few months now and after many walks around the city I fell in love with the Elétricos, the famous portuguese cable cars. They are all over the lower region of Lisbon. Its electricity cables freely draw its numerous black lines over the city. Creating unusual shapes and frames.

Enraptured I began to walk looking up, following its traces, its curves and began to lose myself in its poetic and unexpected geometry.

I then decided to allow these lines to guide me through Lisbon, let these new aesthetics and frames flow through the camera. I allowed different sensations and perceptions to be united in a this creative and delicate series of photographs.



Limited Edition of 50 copies.


20x30cm; 30x45cm; 40x60cm; 50x75cm; 60x90cm; 70x105cm; 80x120cm; 100x150cm.