This series of work is inspired by the colors and the natural thematic of the Impressionist movement. But it was during the creation process, that the project developed into a larger concept: the deconstruction of photography.

Realism, intrinsic to photography, disappears and opens room for almost abstract dreamscapes.

The continuous movement of the camera and overlapping scenes in real time, has transformed reality in delicate strokes.



Limited Edition Series of 15 copies per size.


20x30cm; 30x45cm; 40x60cm; 50x75cm; 60x90cm; 70x105cm; 80x120cm; 100x150cm.

30x30cm; 40x40cm; 50x50cm; 60x60cm; 70x70cm; 80x80cm; 90x90cm; 100x100cm; 110x110cm.



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01- Vestígios (Vestigie)  02- Crepúsculo (Twilight)  03- Traços Fúlgidos (Fulgides Traces)  04- Placidez (Placidity) 05- Ondas Revoltas (Revolt Waves) 06- Inquietude (Restlessness)  07- Pulsação (Pulsation) 08- Bruma Púrpura (Purple Haze)  09- Entardecer (Sunset) 10- Luminescência (Luminescence)