These series of work called World Changes My Mute World (Mundo Muda Meu Mundo Mudo) is inspired on a section of the Poetry ” Every World / Everybody Changes” (Todo Mundo Muda) written by Cristiano Fogaça. In this essay I subtly approach the limits and the links between subjectivity and the objective reality.

In my opnion, the world of each individual is represented by the capture and interpretation of small fragments of reality. These fragments are constantly changing and moving.

The sea, the central element of this essay, with its fluid nature, symbolizes the restlessness of transforming itself constantly.

The photographs reflect the synesthesia between what we feel and objectivity. And invites us to questioning: what is it real? Are we able to distinguish what’s real from our conception of reality?

The fine line between the private world and the objective world is, paradoxically, the same that unites them and keep them connected.

I chose to use long exposure technique to deconstruct the scene before me into a placid landscape of gentle aesthetic.

With these series of work I would to challenge the perception that photography is an accurate record of reality, as this essay is nothing but my own subjective reality.

I also would like to provoke our senses by choosing photography, a static media, to speak about the intrinsic movement of the world.




Limited Edition Series of 50 copies.


20x30cm; 30x45cm; 40x60cm; 50x75cm; 60x90cm; 70x105cm; 80x120cm; 100x150cm.


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1- World changes 01    2- World changes 02   3- World changes 03   4- World changes 04   5-World changes 05     6- Mute World 01   7-Mute World 02   8- Mute World 03   9- Mute World 04