A selection of landscape photographs registered worldwide.



Limited Edition of 10 or 15 copies per size, depending on the photograph.


20x30cm; 30x45cm; 40x60cm; 50x75cm; 60x90cm; 70x105cm; 80x120cm; 100x150cm.

30x30cm; 40x40cm; 50x50cm; 60x60cm; 70x70cm; 80x80cm; 90x90cm; 100x100cm; 110x110cm.


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01- Silver Sunset  02- Freedom  03- À Caminho do Horizonte  04- Calmaria  05- Blue Moon  06- Green Water  07- Wooden Steps  08- The Swimmer  09- Versailles  10- We Are So Small  11- O Momento  12- WinterII  13- Winter  14- Ibirapuera.