The Parallelism Series was inspired by the theory of the Parallel Universe.

A theory that believes in the existence of countless multiverses. Universes where unlimited copies of ourselves and of the world, live all the possibilities of choices that we have in life.

The sea, the main element of the photographs, represents the existence itself, due to its fluid characteristic and constant transformation.

Through 5 very similar photographs, which were duplicated, the artist imagines the infinite possibilities of choices of the same moment within each multiverse.

Mariana Fogaça invites the observer to witness the (trans) formation of these moments through digital interventions, such as the insertion of pixels, geometric shapes and fragments of each photograph.

With the intention of enriching the concept of this series of photographs the photographer invited Cristiano Fogaça to write a poetry also inspired by the Multiverse theory.

Excited by the multiplicity of the theme, Cristiano wrote two poems: Parallelisms, which inspired the name of this series, and What if ?. Both written in English and Portuguese.

Mariana, also moved by the concept of plurality, chooses to insert pieces of both poems in her photographs. Fragments written by hand by the poet himself.

The alliance of these two art forms and these two creative minds, took this series to an even deeper and more inspiring conceptual outcome.



Homesick for parallel paths

Starving for life, hunger of mine

Sweet salt falls from the yellow sky

Like a meteor that everything guesses

Without any link, atoms live endless lives

Quantum tries in vain to explain what is next

I’m looking for a honey made of logic to stop asking “why”

Your hits, when you were born, were already

Printed on the reflected multiverses canvas

(What if the universe is a womb?)

At the speed of a black and white hare, we try to escape from our destiny

Jumping from frame to frame

In this high and slow fever, delirium is my lucidity

Some people still wishes

during a life time , the same kid, who has not yet been.

My past is still to be born, in this mother life caring us inside

Let the knots that tie us be undone and those that hang us in orbit be kept.



What if I had dreamed higher?

Full of ambition, and with the heart opened.

What the hell would happen?

Sometimes I’d rather be rain and drop softly into the green crack

Always in search of this blessed balance

which it can only find moving too fast.



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