This project is very special to me, because the passage of time was registered (and felt) with much poetry and symbolism.

The Seconds Series, was photographed with my Hasselblad camera, year 69, and some medium format film rolls. Shooting with such device it’s a wonderfull and nostalgic felling.

Everything around me seemed to follow the analog rhythm ofeach click and of the exchange of film rolls. For a few minutes the world appeared to revolve slowly, nothing else mattered except the scene I had in front of me. The concentration was total, each shot was very well thought out, metered and framed, after all, the result would be seen only weeks later.

And so, the seconds passed along with the peacefull movement of the sea. The sun was setting, painting the sky in various colors and changing the landscape at every breath. I had only a few minutes to register all this magic until night fell.

As a result, sharp and vivid colors without any digital post production. The colors were saturated due to the long exposure of each click, for instance, the 125 seconds of a beautiful reddish sunset.



Limited Edition Series of 10 copies per size.

Sizes: 30x30cm; 40x40cm; 50x50cm; 60x60cm; 70x70cm; 80x80cm; 90x90cm; 100x100cm; 110x110cm.


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01- 30 Segundos (30 Secs)   02- 125 Segundos (125 Secs)   03- 55 segundos (55 Secs)   04- 50 Segundos (50 Secs)