In this series of photographs Mariana Fogaça highlights, in a poetic and subtle aesthetic, the currently environmental degradation. Nature’s destruction is represented by the over exposed and fading colours of the landscape.


To emphasizes this vanishing situation, cotton lines were sewed over the disappearing scenery as metaphor for the wish of the artist to hold on to what is still left from the environment.


The cotton lines create an estrangement to the viewer, who, is encouraged to question and interpret this intervention.


In Before It’s Gone, Mariana experiments with different medias to go beyond the limits of the photography print. The outcome is a delicate and, yet, strong composition that remind the observer how endangered mother nature is.


Limited edition of 10.

Photography + 100% cotton lines.

Each print is hand made, the result is always very similar, but the thickness and tone of the lines may change between editions.