Self Series

Self is a series of self-portraits, that combine videos and photographs, in which I talk about self-knowledge, self-responsibility, self-transformation and self-love.

The photographs presented here are seconds captured from two videos: Journey and Appreciation. The video Journey symbolizes the course of healing and reconstruction from the moment I look into myself, assume my responsibilities, find my strength and follow new paths. In Appreciation I appreciate, honor and take care of who I am.

In each photograph my essence is represented through the flower and my own presence.

The texture of the images is over granulated to celebrate the concept of fragmentation and reconstruction. The wide white border suggests expansion, to go past the physical perception of each individual.

In Self, I experiment going beyond the photographic act by presenting a selection of photographs that are not originally static files, but rather fluid and delicate seconds of self-expression videos.


Limited Edition of 10 copies.

Print size: 80x80cm.