Self Series

Since 2015 I have been discovering that I can use my art as a tool for self-encounter, self-knowledge, surrender and freedom.

Artistic expression is more than ever the expression of individual feelings and becomes a tool for diving into myself.

In the Self series the first media I chose, for this immersion, was the video. Although I had already an initial idea, the process, which is always organic and spontaneous, naturally surpasses the previously established concepts.

The final result, a video 02 photos of overlapping frames of the Journey video and other videos made during this process.
Here I feel represented by both the flower and myself. I am both the one who performs and the one who suffers the action. But I understand that I am also the strength to gather the shrapnel.

The texture of the images is very grainy to celebrate the concept of fragmentation and reconstruction. The wide white border suggests expansion, to go beyond the physical perception of each individual.
In Self, Mariana wishes to deconstruct and to go further on the photographic act as she presents a selection of photographs from non-photographic originals files.

Limited Edition of 10 copies.

Print size: 80x80cm.