Would it be true that I’m disappearing? Becoming invisible? Or just sedated by this world full of inverted values?

Am I being blinded by so many false truths? Or just getting used to seeing the world through this veil of illusions?

Am I still here? Breathing? Alive?

How to silence the duality of the mind not to live in disaffection?

How only to exist? Yes, exist, in its purest and deepest meaning.

How to wake up and really open my eyes?

Deconstruct to expand?

Feel pain to, finally, feel love?

Would it be love, with all its simplicity and complexity, the answer to so many questions?

Would it be?

Series of work about personal reflections and questions about the duality of living in this world. The search for the truth. What’s real? Is what we see genuine? Or are we manipulated to see a reality based on individual interests? Inquiries that bring disappointment and light. Counterpoints that permeate between discomfort and delicacy, between search and encounters.

Photography, video and poetry.

Each photo features 10-copy editing. The interventions are done manually, one by one, so although similar each work will be unique.

The Impermanence photograph will have a different intervention in each edition.

Work in progress.

Struggle, escape and surrender.

After the initial struggle, the eye does not resist, seems to be surrended to the act.

The look has no hope, as if it was disappointed.

A truth that hurts? Are we struggling to accept the truth that permeates the world of men?

Who hurts? Who is injured?

The photographs with the red thread application are still on trial.