Connect. Connect with mother nature, with life, with yourself. Feel the energy of been alive. Let the waves rhythm your heart and let the wind enfold your soul. Let go. Trust. Be whole. Connect.

Close your eyes. Breath in. Understand.

Embrace. Embrace life on earth. Reduce the damage, be conscious, have compassion, feel love, be awaken, find balance. Embrace.

Open your eyes. Breath out. Engage.

Act. Act now, not tomorrow. Be the change. Be the truth. Be the love.

In this triptych of photographs, I’ve wished to encourage the audience with minimal and, yet, powerful seascapes and words.

The simplicity that surround these artworks reflect the core of life it self.

The sea, with all it’s fluidity and strength, guide us to transformation and invite us to became one.

The true beauty of these salty waters have the power to reach one’s inner-self, touch the being and enlighten the world.




Limited Edition of 30 copies.

Available sizes:

20x30cm; 30x45cm; 40x60cm; 50x75cm; 60x90cm; 70x105cm; 80x120cm; 90x135cm; 100x150cm.

Photographs: Connect, Embrace and Act.